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Ulrich Tradition for Over 150 Years!!

John Ulrich started out all those years ago to see what America might hold for him. Did he know that the recipe he created in his traveling, learning and hard work would still be used over 150 years later?

A recipe and flavor like the Original Pella Bologna holds, is something very special and unique to only Ulrich Meat Market. Our product has a distinct pepper taste that is enhanced by our specific smoke process to give you the rich, flavorful, all beef genuine Pella Bologna that is unmatched.

If walls could talk, the ones of Ulrich Meat Market would entertain us all for days.

In my short time here, that has become my favorite part, hearing how Ulrich is part of your memories and traditions. When we hear about coming with grandpa to Lake Red Rock to go fishing but always swinging into town for a ring of Pella Bologna before going to the toss lines into the water, our hearts smile. Knowing that Ulrich Meat Market is part of family traditions, a must make stop on the route of vacation or a gift we wrap to send to a friend or loved one is such a blessing. When previous workers and owners stop in we enjoy taking them on tours to see and hear how things have changed through the building. Change is growth in our world, but a process we take seriously. Changes to become more efficient or replace old worn machines, while preserving the true, rich flavors Ulrich Meat Market has always been known for.

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