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Flavor Spanning Three Centuries

Since September 2015 Ulrich Meat Market has been owned by friends Lucas Van Wyk and Jayme and Nicki Veenstra. Quite simply, we are here because God said so. Purchasing the meat market became a friendly joke in December of 2014. It was a joke amongst hunters for an amazing deer processing facility. By August 2015 the smoked meat bug had bitten Lucas and he was more intrigued. He reached out to Jayme one evening about the possibility of this adventure. A couple short days later, the two friends went on a tour that they had no idea was going to change their life. Through the days and tours were many discussions and it was made clear that whatever lay before them, they would rely on the Lord’s guidance.

Psalms 37:5 - Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this

We reflect on this verse often and know it rings as true today, as it did back then. He has graced us with amazing experiences, employees and friends within this industry. The meat processing industry is full of amazing people that shared their wealth of knowledge to get us started. We have enjoyed mastering the recipes we inherited, that are the foundation of the Ulrich Meat Market tradition. Making every ring of Ulrich Pella Bologna in the same smokehouses of years gone by, has history and flavor that no one can match. We are blessed to create new recipes and creations to fill the portfolio of our accomplishments. We have won Iowa Meat Processor Association plaques and Iowa State Fair Ribbons in smoked meat competitions. Awards like these give us pause to thank God for His great grace, guidance and pride for our hard work as a team.

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