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Mashed Potatoes with Sausage and Sauerkraut

Posted on April 14, 2021 at 6:52 PM by Ulrich's Meat Market

6-8 large, halved potatoes
½ c. milk or cream
Few Tbsp. butter or margarine
1 large jar sauerkraut
1 ½ pounds smoked sausage (cut into 2-inch pieces)

Cook potatoes in salted water until tender. Drain and shake dry. Add butter or margarine and milk; mash into a puree. Simmer sauerkraut with sausage for about 15-20 minutes. Removed sausage and set aside; add sauerkraut to potatoes. Mount potato mixture on a large platter; arrange sausage around sides. Sprinkle with nutmeg. Makes 6 servings.

Categories: Main Dishes

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