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Ulrich's expands the use of the Internet by customers to make product purchases and begin to showcase ways that his products are important to cooking and eating in today's lifestyles. He stresses convenience of the fully-cooked meat products and the ways Ulrich's high quality meats fit the health trends of lean meats, lower sodium content and use of less preservatives.

A website is established for customers of Pella's unique Dutch heritage products, from lace to meats.

The current Ulrich's Meat Market site opens and becomes a favorite retail establishment in the area. Products are processed in back rooms and downstairs at the Market.

John Ulrich settles in Pella, making his renowned Pella bologna by hand and selling to locals from a basket.



Ulrich's expands products and service to a new era of customers who want high end meat products and service to match. Fresh meats and other foods in the retail market still are favorites for the locals.

Ulrich's Meat Market has a number of owners, all holding firm to the original recipes of John Ulrich, as well as his name, expanding products, and successfully living up to the idea of being a meat processing facility where service and quality meet. The retail shop on Pella's square is a favored stop for visitors. Mail orders for products are expanded, and Ulrich's products, including its famous Pella bologna, are found in grocery stores throughout Iowa. Distribution is carried out statewide by Pella Meat & Bakery Distributing.

A successor of John Ulrich settles in Pella, buys Ulrich's Meats, and continues the Dutch tradition of selling bologna by hand to locals from a basket.

Ulrich has had such success that he is selling from a butcher shop in Pella and is labeled one of the "best rated" merchants in the city.

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Since 1868, the name Ulrich has meant extraordinary service, quality meat processing and flavorful eating. The Ulrich name remains, a still-treasured destination for family and entertaining meats, cheeses and other goods.
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