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Flavor Spanning Three Centuries


Ulrich's Meat Market is located on the South side of the town square in Pella - a heartbeat of Old World Dutch history and traditions. Shops in this picturesque area are built facing the landmark Tulip Tower, and just around the corner from the storefront, you can experience a taste of the Netherlands as you encounter the beautiful Molengracht overlooking the canal, drawbridge, musical town clock, brick walkways, hotel accommodations, retail shops and eateries in Dutch-flavored architecture. This destination is a must, especially during the Pella Tulip Festival.

Flavor Spanning Three Centuries

John Ulrich brought his treasured recipes from Europe to Pella in 1868. He perfected the craftsmanship of smoking meats and offered excellent service as he carried his products in a basket throughout the area to sell to locals. Soon, word of his quality product spread and people began to travel lengthy distances to have a taste of the Dutch history and traditions that he brought to Pella.

By 1884, John had a butcher shop in downtown Pella to create and sell his now-famous meats. The Dutch-style town square still houses Ulrich's Meat Market and our bigger storefront facility allows us to offer a much greater selection of smoked meats. Our products have evolved with the changing tastes and convenience needs of American families; and even with more retail space and variety in products, we have kept our historic smokehouse, craftsmanship of preparation, and high quality standards.

Throughout three centuries, the name Ulrich has meant extraordinary service, quality meat processing, and flavorful eating. Time moves on, but Ulrich remains a treasured destination for families that enjoy Dutch history and traditions, as well as entertaining with the best meats, cheeses and other specialty goods.

You can also learn about our history by looking at our exclusive mini-museum! Held in an original meat case, it has been in the store since day one and offers a fascinating assortment of visuals from Ulrich's past.

In Pella, it's an inviting atmosphere year-round, but especially during the early May Tulip Time Festival when hundreds of thousands of visitors stroll the streets, eat in the shops, and enjoy authentic activities of Holland and its immigrants in America. The town is filled with historic celebration and the entire city is a showcase of more than 20,000 tulips in bloom!

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Since 1868, the name Ulrich has meant extraordinary service, quality meat processing and flavorful eating. The Ulrich name remains, a still-treasured destination for family and entertaining meats, cheeses and other goods.
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