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Iowa Cheeses

These award winning Iowa cheeses are available right here!! We might be partial but these are definitely our favorites.

Frisian Farms of Leighton, Iowa makes delicious small batch gouda cheese as influenced by their heritage and community. This hard working creamery spent time developing processes here that follow the traditional Dutch ways to produce an amazing gouda cheese. We love working with them and think you'll love enjoying some this deliciously "gouda" cheese as well!! Check out their website here:  Our Story | Frisian Farms

Milton Creamery of Milton, Iowa creates award winning specialty cheddar style cheeses. This small company came about due to the Mussers, a wise Mennonite family, searched for an opportunity to work with more people of, as well as bring better value to the dairy farmers in their community. They created specialty cheeses, such as the Prairie Breeze™ that we now happily share with you. Check our their website here: About Us | Miltoncreamery

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