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Ulrich's Meat Market is where exceptional quality Dutch food meets great taste. You can be assured that Ulrich's products – from Dutch chocolate and cookies to Dutch clothing – are carefully crafted from Old World recipes and traditions.                

Ulrich’s selection of Dutch food showcases your favorite smoked meat products – bologna, summer sausage, brats and meat sticks of many varieties are just a few. In our case of fresh meats, you will find the highest quality items ready to be cooked on the stove, oven or grill. We also carry exclusive Dutch chocolate and cookies to end the meal with a sweet treat.

Ulrich's Meat Market is the oldest retail store in Pella, with a legacy that spans over 145 years. With the smokehouse in operation every day to add a unique flavor to our products, the inviting smell of smoked meat never ceases to draw in the crowd. Plus, we always have fresh Pella Bologna free samples prepared for your tasting pleasure. Call in advance to plan a smokehouse tour and discover old-time favorites to create new traditions in your home!

What's in Store

 We offer a large selection of handmade meat products such as Pella Bologna, dried beef, summer sausage, bratwurst, beef sticks, beef jerky, and much more!  Our full deli is stocked with a large variety of meats and cheeses sliced to your liking to prepare a sandwich like no other. Our full fresh meat case will cater to every grill master in your household with a large selection of fresh beef steaks, roast, pork chops, and loins. There is always a butcher on hand to ensure you are satisfied with our selection, and custom cutting is available upon request.

 Ulrich's has the largest cheese selection in town! We have local favorites such as Maytag Blue Cheese and Frisian Farms Gouda. We also have imported cheeses straight from Holland including several flavored Goudas and Leyden Komijnekaas.

Market Location & Hours of Operation
715 Franklin
On Pella’s Historic Town Square
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Closed Sundays 


Ulrich's Meat Market
715 Franklin St. | Pella, Iowa 50219
641-628-2771 Store
About Us
Since 1868, the name Ulrich has meant extraordinary service, quality meat processing and flavorful eating. The Ulrich name remains, a still-treasured destination for family and entertaining meats, cheeses and other goods.
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